First Day in Atlanta!


We finally made it to Atlanta!

 It was so nice waking up today and not pack up all our bags and drive all day. Our apartment won't be ready for another week so were staying in a furnished studio, such a nice change from a hotel. We slept in nice and late until 9:00am and then went to the Dancing Goats Coffee Bar to get our caffeine fix. Our bodies are still on California time so we had a hard time waking up, I'm sure a week of driving doesn't help either!

Dancing Goats was such a cute little place, they have a beautiful outdoor seating area with water fountains, swinging benches and just the cutest decorations. My favorite part was that its dog friendly! 

We ordered our coffee to go and walked over to Old Fourth Ward Park, our new neighborhood :)

Charlie was such a happy pup getting to stretch his legs out and run around. He even made some new friends!

I am so thrilled to get to move into our apartment next week. They are still building them and putting the finishing touches on it so I still have yet to see the inside but we got to take a tour around the outside and it looks amazing! The Atlanta belt line is just steps from our front door so I can't wait to take advantage of that and get some good runs in!

^^ and this beautiful park is also steps front our front door, so exciting!

Most of these beautiful pictures are from Allen's phone because i'm a ditz and didn't bring my camera. He needs a career in photography :)

I am already so in love with Atlanta, it seems like such a fun friendly city! 

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