Day 6: Missouri --> Georgia


Day 6 we stopped in Illinois to see Metropolis! 

In Metropolis they have a giant statue of superman right downtown, which just so happened to be the route of the Christmas parade they were having that same day. So with everyone staring at us like we were nuts we took pictures in front of their giant superman, we felt a little silly but oh well we had fun! 

While driving we happened to pass through Ferguson, Missouri. Allen and I are the nerds that would lay in bed every night and watch the rioting on CNN so naturally we wanted to drive through the town and see what it was like. It was really crazy to see the places in person that we had watched on the news so many times. It was a sad experience to see every business boarded up. 

We also stopped by St. Louis to see the famous Arch! We were limited on time so we didn't get to take the tour up the Arch in the elevator but it was still beautiful to see! 

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