Day 5: Kansas --> Missouri


Day 5 was spent in Kansas. We assumed from Kansas on there wouldn't be much to see, but we were pleasantly suprised!  

In the middle of the extremely flat farmland and praires there are 70 ft tall chalk formations, yes chalk formations! We were so confused when we saw this we assumed they were manmade but we were wrong, they are estimated to be 80 million years old! 

We did a little bit of research to see what the names of the formations are and the formation in the picture above ^ is called " Charlie the Dog" so naturally we placed our Charlie in front of the formation to take a picture. We couldn't get over how ironic it was! 

After visiting the chalk formations there wasn't a whole lot to see. It was extremely flat,  but very beautiful in its own way! It was so strange to see such flat land after living in California and always being surrounded by mountains. 

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