Day 3: Utah --> Colorado


We're about half way through our cross country road trip, 3 days left! We left Salt Lake City around 7:30 and headed east in the pouring down rain :( 

Our first stop was Arches National Park. Luckily the rain cleared out and left us with beautiful clouds and we didn't get soaked, that's always a plus! 

We didn't have a whole lot of time to spend in Arches so we took the driving tour and had to turn around at "the windows" I wish we could have explored more because what we did get to see was absolutely stunning!

Charlie was absolutely thrilled to be in Arches ;) 

After leaving Arches we stopped in Moab, Utah to do a little shopping and grab some lunch. 

We finally crossed the Utah/Colorado border at 2:00pm. We went out of our way a few hours to go to the town Telluride, Allen has always wanted to see the town. It was amazing! The houses were beautiful and looked like they were straight out of a magazine, and had a hefty price tag of millions to go with it! 

We even got to see Santa Clause riding around in the fire tuck waving at people!  

After leaving Telluride we had another 2 1/2 hour drive to our final destination, Cedaredge, Colorado. We grabbed some dinner at RJ's Steakhouse, a bottle of wine and headed back to our hotel to relax.

We stayed at The Cedaredge Lodge. Highly highly recommend staying here if you've ever in the area. The owner Gary is the sweetest person and was so accommodating. The lodge is actually an old school motel that he renovated to look like little cabins. The grounds were very well kept, they had a hot tub, horseshoes, and a cute little lodge restuarant. 


  1. Seeing your pics makes me want to move to Telluride!! Thanks for sharing your Adventure!

    1. Me too! Its so beautiful! Maybe if I hit the lottery one day :)


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