Day 2: Nevada --> Utah


We had so much fun today! We ended up doing about 7 hours of driving. We passed by a bunch of natural hot springs ^^ in Nevada, we thought that was really cool. 

After leaving the hot springs our next stop was the Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah.

      In the pictures it looks like we are standing in snow and ice but it's really a super thick layer of salt. 

The salt flats were so amazing to see, they do car races here every year but we were the only people there today. 

We made it to Utah around 5:00pm checked in our hotel and headed to The Red Iguana for dinner. 

We really liked this reaturant. They keep a jug of hot apple cider outside for customers to drink while they are waiting for a table, I thought that was so nice! 

The food was so yummy! I ordered cheese enchiladas, they were delicious and you could tell everything was very fresh. The food is good enough that Guy Fieri featured the show on Diners Drive ins and Dives! :) 

After dinner we went to the Mormon Tabernacle. The pictures do this place no justice. It was breathtakingly beautiful! It was so nice to walk around and look at all the Christmas decorations and lights. 

We fell in love with Salt Lake City. The landscape alone is enough to make you want to live there. The city was so clean and everyone was so friendly, Charlie got more attention in the hour we walked around Salt Lake than in the year we lived in the Bay Area, I think he loved it too! 

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