First Day in Atlanta!


We finally made it to Atlanta!

 It was so nice waking up today and not pack up all our bags and drive all day. Our apartment won't be ready for another week so were staying in a furnished studio, such a nice change from a hotel. We slept in nice and late until 9:00am and then went to the Dancing Goats Coffee Bar to get our caffeine fix. Our bodies are still on California time so we had a hard time waking up, I'm sure a week of driving doesn't help either!

Dancing Goats was such a cute little place, they have a beautiful outdoor seating area with water fountains, swinging benches and just the cutest decorations. My favorite part was that its dog friendly! 

We ordered our coffee to go and walked over to Old Fourth Ward Park, our new neighborhood :)

Charlie was such a happy pup getting to stretch his legs out and run around. He even made some new friends!

I am so thrilled to get to move into our apartment next week. They are still building them and putting the finishing touches on it so I still have yet to see the inside but we got to take a tour around the outside and it looks amazing! The Atlanta belt line is just steps from our front door so I can't wait to take advantage of that and get some good runs in!

^^ and this beautiful park is also steps front our front door, so exciting!

Most of these beautiful pictures are from Allen's phone because i'm a ditz and didn't bring my camera. He needs a career in photography :)

I am already so in love with Atlanta, it seems like such a fun friendly city! 

Day 6: Missouri --> Georgia

Day 6 we stopped in Illinois to see Metropolis! 

In Metropolis they have a giant statue of superman right downtown, which just so happened to be the route of the Christmas parade they were having that same day. So with everyone staring at us like we were nuts we took pictures in front of their giant superman, we felt a little silly but oh well we had fun! 

While driving we happened to pass through Ferguson, Missouri. Allen and I are the nerds that would lay in bed every night and watch the rioting on CNN so naturally we wanted to drive through the town and see what it was like. It was really crazy to see the places in person that we had watched on the news so many times. It was a sad experience to see every business boarded up. 

We also stopped by St. Louis to see the famous Arch! We were limited on time so we didn't get to take the tour up the Arch in the elevator but it was still beautiful to see! 

Day 5: Kansas --> Missouri

Day 5 was spent in Kansas. We assumed from Kansas on there wouldn't be much to see, but we were pleasantly suprised!  

In the middle of the extremely flat farmland and praires there are 70 ft tall chalk formations, yes chalk formations! We were so confused when we saw this we assumed they were manmade but we were wrong, they are estimated to be 80 million years old! 

We did a little bit of research to see what the names of the formations are and the formation in the picture above ^ is called " Charlie the Dog" so naturally we placed our Charlie in front of the formation to take a picture. We couldn't get over how ironic it was! 

After visiting the chalk formations there wasn't a whole lot to see. It was extremely flat,  but very beautiful in its own way! It was so strange to see such flat land after living in California and always being surrounded by mountains. 

Day 4: Colorado --> Kansas


We had another great day! Today was our prettiest drive we've had so far. 

Charlie has been soo good the entire trip,  he's been snoozing the whole time.

Our first stop was Black Canyon of the Gunnison in Colorado. It was amazing! My favorite stop along the trip for sure. 

Normally you have to pay a $15 fee to get into the park but since it's winter we could go for free. The only part of the park that was open was the south rim which is a road that runs along the 2,000 foot narrow canyon walls dropping vertically to the Gunnison River. I would love to go back and do some hiking or camping sometime! I can't even imagine how amazing it would be to stand in the bottom of the gorge and look up at the walls surrounding you. 

Colorado is known as "colorful Colorado" and that it was! The scenery on our drive was so beautiful, most of the drive was on back roads going through mountain ranges or following along rivers and lakes. 

For lunch we stopped at Marios in Gunnison. I would drive all the way from Georgia to Colorado just to eat lunch here again, it was the best! We both ordered a side salad with garlic ranch, yes GARLICKY ranch... Yum! A homemade calzone with banana peppers and a sweet tea, yay for having sweet tea again! They don't serve that on the west coast anywhere. 

Day 3: Utah --> Colorado


We're about half way through our cross country road trip, 3 days left! We left Salt Lake City around 7:30 and headed east in the pouring down rain :( 

Our first stop was Arches National Park. Luckily the rain cleared out and left us with beautiful clouds and we didn't get soaked, that's always a plus! 

We didn't have a whole lot of time to spend in Arches so we took the driving tour and had to turn around at "the windows" I wish we could have explored more because what we did get to see was absolutely stunning!

Charlie was absolutely thrilled to be in Arches ;) 

After leaving Arches we stopped in Moab, Utah to do a little shopping and grab some lunch. 

We finally crossed the Utah/Colorado border at 2:00pm. We went out of our way a few hours to go to the town Telluride, Allen has always wanted to see the town. It was amazing! The houses were beautiful and looked like they were straight out of a magazine, and had a hefty price tag of millions to go with it! 

We even got to see Santa Clause riding around in the fire tuck waving at people!  

After leaving Telluride we had another 2 1/2 hour drive to our final destination, Cedaredge, Colorado. We grabbed some dinner at RJ's Steakhouse, a bottle of wine and headed back to our hotel to relax.

We stayed at The Cedaredge Lodge. Highly highly recommend staying here if you've ever in the area. The owner Gary is the sweetest person and was so accommodating. The lodge is actually an old school motel that he renovated to look like little cabins. The grounds were very well kept, they had a hot tub, horseshoes, and a cute little lodge restuarant. 

Day 2: Nevada --> Utah


We had so much fun today! We ended up doing about 7 hours of driving. We passed by a bunch of natural hot springs ^^ in Nevada, we thought that was really cool. 

After leaving the hot springs our next stop was the Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah.

      In the pictures it looks like we are standing in snow and ice but it's really a super thick layer of salt. 

The salt flats were so amazing to see, they do car races here every year but we were the only people there today. 

We made it to Utah around 5:00pm checked in our hotel and headed to The Red Iguana for dinner. 

We really liked this reaturant. They keep a jug of hot apple cider outside for customers to drink while they are waiting for a table, I thought that was so nice! 

The food was so yummy! I ordered cheese enchiladas, they were delicious and you could tell everything was very fresh. The food is good enough that Guy Fieri featured the show on Diners Drive ins and Dives! :) 

After dinner we went to the Mormon Tabernacle. The pictures do this place no justice. It was breathtakingly beautiful! It was so nice to walk around and look at all the Christmas decorations and lights. 

We fell in love with Salt Lake City. The landscape alone is enough to make you want to live there. The city was so clean and everyone was so friendly, Charlie got more attention in the hour we walked around Salt Lake than in the year we lived in the Bay Area, I think he loved it too! 

Day 1: California --> Nevada


Wow I can't believe were actually leaving California! Currently we are in freezing Reno, Nevada and I know its just going to keep getting colder and colder until we reach our final destination of Atlanta Georgia. 

The movers came at 11:00am to pack up all of our stuff and finished around 6:30pm, we have way too much stuff!  

The drive to Reno was about four hours but since we left right in the middle of rush hour traffic it took us a bit longer.

We couldn't resist the neon Texas Roadhouse sign from the highway so we stopped there to grab a quick dinner and way too many rolls, I can't resist them! 

We finally made it to Reno at 12:00am, next stop Salt Lake City!

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