Van Damme State Park


Just when we thought our B&B in Mendocino couldn't possibly get any better we found out that there are trails right out the front door that lead to Van Damme State Park! 

Both mornings we got our cup of coffee to go and headed out for a morning hike. 

The trail was about a mile or so and led straight to the coastal bluffs. It was so breathtakingly beautiful. 

Our first morning it was really sunny, the second morning was completely different. There was a thick layer of fog and the waves were huge! The ocean looked so menacing. It was really pretty in a weird way.

Apparently November is the best time for mushroom picking, we passed a couple with a bag full of huge mushrooms. 

This sign was on a bench along the trail. I loved the quote, Allen and I always wonder about the kids that are so lucky to grow up in California and if they appreciate how beautiful it is or if you just become immune to it after awhile! 

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  1. How beautiful! We went camping in Mendocino last year, it was so fun. We lucked out with gorgeous weather too. I grew up in California and absolutely appreciate how beautiful it is. I am sure a lot of that has to do with my Dad's love for California History and taking us hiking and camping alllllll over the state growing up. Wouldn't change it though, I love this place! So many wonderful places to see and explore.


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