Pacific Star Winery


It's no secret that Allen and I love our wine, so Pacific Star Winery was a must see for us while we were in Mendocino. It's actually a bit off the beaten path about a half hour drive north a Mendocino but well worth it. 

The winery was in a really beautiful house, you walk right into what in a normal house would be a garage but in their case it's a full on wine production area. It had such a homey feel to it, we even got to meet their beagle! He was so cute just wandering around the property greeting everyone. 

We both did the tasting for $5 each. We sampled 7 different wines, they were all fantastic. I couldn't get over how inexpensive the tasting was, when we toured the wineries in Napa $5 wouldn't even get you inside the door of most wineries. 

After our tasting we bought a bottle of
 " It's My Fault " and headed out to their picnic area to enjoy the incredible views. 

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