Gray Whale Cove


We babysat Bruin all weekend and we wanted to take the boys somewhere where they could run around and play. We figured Gray Whale Cove would be the perfect place!

He laid his head on our shoulders the entire hour car ride, he's such a sillyhead. 

It was a beautiful afternoon, 65 and sunny. I love going to this beach because its not quite as windy as some of the other beaches we've been too. Its the perfect spot to come and watch the sunset. 

Another reason I love this beach is because theres a Starbucks on the way here, we stopped and got a caramel apple spice :)

The dogs had a blast running around chasing the ball and jumping in the ocean. 

We ended up spending three hours at the beach just hanging out and talking, it was the perfect way to spend our Sunday. 

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