Birthday Dinner at Albion River Inn


Someone pinch me! We just spent the weekend in the most beautiful place imaginable, Mendocino California. 

My birthday (November 5th) was less than spectacular. My car battery died and I almost missed work. A bit stressful but all the birthday wishes and cards/gifts from friends and family made it a much better day. We really wanted to to plan a little getaway for my birthday to relax and Mendocino sounded like the perfect place to do so. 

We checked into our bed and breakfast on Friday afternoon, showered and headed to Albion River Inn for dinner. We wanted to watch the sunset before dinner so we had to make super early reservations at 5:30. 

The grounds at the restaurant were amazing, it sits right on the edge of a bluff along the ocean with beautiful flowers all over. 

The staff was so sweet, our server offered to come outside with us to take a picture in front of the sunset, they even had streamers at our table for my birthday!

The inside of the restaurant was so romantic and cozy. It had exposed wood beams for the ceiling, a rustic brick fireplace with a fire going, they even had someone playing the piano. 

I ordered the italian style ricotta cheese gnocchi with caramelized onions & mushrooms with a roasted tomato and gorgonzola cheese cream sauce, it was so fresh and delicious. If there is gnocchi on the menu then thats what I usually order, this gnocchi was my all time favorite though! Allen ordered the pepper crusted new york steak, he really enjoyed his meal too. 

Our table had a perfect view of the ocean, we loved enjoying our wine & dinner while watching the sun set.

 For desert we had the chocolate raspberry cake and chocolate mousse, I thought it was really cute that they put a candle in our desert. 

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