Big Sur with the Family!


Monday we hit the road for a two hour drive to Big Sur.  

On our way there we stopped in Caramel to take a look around, its the cutest little town! So many shops and little restaurants all along tree lined streets with ocean views. I was really slacking and didn't take any pictures, but it really is a beautiful town. I think my mom could have stayed there all day and been happy but I knew they would love Big Sur so after we looked around a bit we hopped back on highway 1 to head south for Big Sur. 

We stopped at the iconic Bixby Bridge to take pictures, it was so beautiful! 

^^^ How cute is my little brother in his "take a hike" shirt :)

We had perfect weather all day, no fog in sight. 

No traffic in sight either! Highway 1 can get so congested sometimes, it gets a bit stressful. Two lane road hugging the coastal cliffs with hairpin turns is stressful enough, add in a million cars and tourists driving huge rv's and its terrifying! 

^^ Lounging in the river chairs at Big Sur River Inn.

We packed our lunch and then stopped at Cafe Kevah to get some coffees for desert. The views at the cafe are breathtaking, its a must see when in Big Sur. Nepenthe right next door is great for lunch as well!

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