Hayes Valley


Last night we headed to Hayes Valley for the night.  We loved this neighborhood, main reason being that its almost completely flat, which is not common for the hilly San Francisco neighborhoods. We also loved the tree lined streets, cute little boutiques and the plethora of dining options. 

 Our first stop was Smugglers Cove. I was really excited to check out this bar, they've won a lot of awards for their specialty rum cocktails, including being named one of the "Worlds 50 Best Bars" 
It took a bit of searching to find this spot. There is no sign out front or anything other than a bouncer standing in front of a door to give you any indication that this is Smugglers Cove. 

The decor reminded me of a Rain Forest Cafe but with an adult pirate twist. There are three different levels. We decided to sit on the top level, it was a lot less crowded and you have a nice view of the downstairs bar. 

I have a major sweet tooth so they suggested I order their signature drink, the rum barrel ($11) ..minus the actual barrel because I didn't want to carry it around with me all night. Allen ordered a sour drink. We both loved our drinks, I can't wait to go back sometime and try some of their other cocktails. 

Our next stop was Suppenküche, a german restaurant also in Hayes Valley. They were fairly busy with a 30 minute wait but we didn't mind, theres so many different little boutiques nearby to explore 
that it went by fast. For a starter we ordered Reibekuchen Mit Hausgemachtm Apfelmus ($11).. aka potato pancakes and a homemade apple sauce. We both don't normally like sweet sauces but surprisingly we loved the flavor combo of the potatoes and apple. 

 I loved the warm and inviting atmosphere that Suppenküche had. We were seated with another couple and their two friends, they were all super friendly and it was fun enjoying beers and dinner with new people. Speaking of beers, they serve HUGE beers in a glass boot, the group at our table ordered one and loved it.  

Allen ordered Jägerschnitzel Nchapignonsobe Mit Spätzle Undgrunem Salat ($18.50)..aka sauteed porkloin in mushroom sauce served with Spatzle  and green salad. Allen also loved his meal, the pork loin was the best part so juicy and flavorful. 

For dinner I ordered Kasespatzle Mit Zwiebel-Buttersobe ($13.50)..aka Cheese Spazle in onion butter sauce served with a small mixed salad.. aka mac and cheese. My meal was amazing! So much flavor and so unique.

We had such a great experience at Hayes Valley, and can't wait to go back! 

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