Flume Trail in Lake Tahoe


Lake Tahoe is most popular for the snowboarding/skiing in the winter but it's so much fun in the summer too! Last weekend we decided to try out the Flume Trail.

We left the Bay Area bright and early and made it to the Flume Bike Shop just in time for the last shuttle at 11:30. You don't have to use the shuttle but it's really convenient to have a ride to the trailhead and end at your car and not have to worry about taking two cars. Allen already has a bike so we rented mine from the shop for $35. Then to ride their shuttle to the trailhead you pay $15 each.  Plus $5 for the coffee at the coffe shop that's conveniently located right next door, I can't say no to coffee :) 

The shuttle dropped us off at the Spooner Lake day use area and we were on our way! The first couple of miles were a piece of cake, we mostly walked our bike because it was a gradual incline with a bit of riding here and there when it was flat. Then came the rough part.... Over 1,000 feet incline on one big steep hill, it took us about 30 minutes to get up this hill. It felt more like hours of just complete torture. There's no way you can ride up, you're definetly going to need to get off your bike and walk at this point. 

After all that hard work your rewarded with views of the beautiful Marlette Lake for a mile and a half ride then your at the Flume Trail. 

Flume trail is where it's reeeeeally beautiful & the ride is actually fun after this point since it's all downhill from here.

We had a blast riding down the trail, we stopped every ten minutes at least to take pictures and enjoy the view.

For people who are afraid of heights beware! this trail has very steep drop offs and made me a little uneasy at times. If you keep your eyes on the trail and focus then you won't have a problem! 

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