Davenport Beach...Again!


We cannot get enough of Davenport beach! This is the second Friday in a row we've had a bonfire there! 

On our way to the beach we stopped and got Mariannes Icecream, everyone always tells me I need to try it while we're in California and I can see why, it's amazing! I got chocolate fudge brownie and Allen got blueberry cheesecake. 

Charlie had a blast as usual exploring around the beach and playing fetch. Hiking and hanging out at the beach are his favorite acivities, he's such a little adventurer. 

Its normally really chilly at the coast but Friday was perfect weather. 75 and sunny!

If you are ever in the Santa Cruz area, drive 10 miles north to Davenport its way less touristy and so much more beautiful! The beach is right across from the bakery, park in the parking lot across the street and go left down towards the railroad tracks. 

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