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We had such a nice laid back weekend, well for the most part, Sunday was a little crazy. 

Friday night we had our normal wine, cheese and movie date night...My favorite night:) I made a platter with salami, olive tapenade, warm crusty french bread and I made a garlicky Brie with sundried tomato dip, I'll do a post on the dip soon it was so delicious! 
Saturday we just moped around the house for most of the morning, I was having a really bad case of homesickness and being a grump. In the afternoon Allen dragged my grumpy butt up to the pool for some volleyball and swimming. In the evening we grilled some porkchops and walked charlie to the park to play. What started out as a not so good day turned into being so much fun. It's so hard traveling and being away from my family but having Allen with me to cheer me up when times get hard is such a blessing, I'm one lucky lady :) 

Sunday we decided to do some mountain biking. We left the always sunny and seventy five Bay Area and headed to Lake Tahoe ( an 8 hour drive roundtrip) the further and further we got away from home the cloudier and cloudier it got and then the rain started... And then as if the weather couldn't get any worse the smoke started. Just completely surrounded by smoke from the huge King fire. Needless to say, mountain biking did not happen that day.

But! On a positive note we did find the cutest little shop on the side of the highway called Ikedas. We stopped and got some fresh green chile and cheese tamales, these things were life changing! 

So.. long story short we drove 8 hours on Sunday for some Hot Tamales. You win some you lose some, although it sucked then I know for sure we'll look back and be like remember that time we drive 8 hours for Hot Tamales and we'll laugh about it :)

We'll be back next weekend for some mountain biking and Tahoe you better get your weather in gear! 

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