Camping Trip In Yosemite


I've said this a million times before but i'm going to say it again.. Yosemite is AMAZING. Absolutely breathtaking every. single. time. 

We had an absolute blast this weekend camping and hiking with some friends. 

We camped at Crane Flat Campground. It was an okay campground, definitely the loudest we've ever camped at. Lots of neighbors snoring, bear box lids slamming, and crying babies at 4am. The nice thing about it was that its only 30 minutes from the Valley so we didn't spend much time there anyways. Way too much exploring to do! 

Saturday we woke up bright and early and decided to tackle the Nevada/Vernal Falls trail. 

Theres a huge forest fire in Yosemite right now so the first couple of miles we really struggled, The smoke was burning our throats and made it really difficult to breathe. After about an hour of hiking the conditions got a lot better.

We were about half way through the trail and we passed a big group of Hot Shots hiking back from battling the fire. This was probably the highlight of our hike, it was so amazing to see them in action.

We ended up getting around 10 miles of hiking in for the day. 

The Vernal/Nevada Falls trail is one of my favorites in Yosemite. You get breathtaking views of the valley, you get to stand at the top of two ginormous waterfalls, and you get to see the pools at the bottom of the falls. Its also not as challenging elevation wise as some of the other trails we've done, so its a nice easy hike.

After hiking all day we came back to the campsite to cook up some dinner. We had grilled corn on the cob, hotdogs, pulled pork, pasta salad, chips, pretzels, celery and greek yogurt dip. It was all so delicious.

When we finished refueling we headed to Glacier Point to watch the sunset. It was about an hour drive from our campground but completely worth the long drive.

We hiked Glacier Point a couple of weeks ago and loved it but seeing it during sunset was just a completely different experience. 

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