Los Gatos Creek Trail/ Davenport Beach


It is starting to feel a bit more like fall in California! I decided to take full advantage of the cooler weather and go for a long run.

I ended up getting 6 miles in at the Los Gatos Creek Trail. I love this bike path, the trails go on and on for miles and there's always something interesting going on. Friday someone nailed encouraging notes on the trees.

There was also a really random piano in the park, not sure why it was there but it was pretty neat! 

After my run I made some deep dish chocolate chip cookies stuffed with Ghirardelli caramels. These are my all time favorite cookies! I will be posting the recipe soon! 

Charlie had a really good Friday too! He got a haircut and doesn't look like a hippie dog anymore :) Ever since he got his haircut friday he's been prancing around the house acting all silly, I think he feels much better.

Friday night we headed to Davenport beach to have a bonfire. Bonfires are one of my absolute favorite things to do and having one at the beach was so much fun, we felt like we were in a movie! 

Poor Charlie was shivering all night from losing the 10 lb. coat of hair so we had to keep him cuddled up in a blanket. 

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