Sunday hike at Mt. Tamalpais


 Sunday we went hiking at Mt. Tamalpais!

 We did the Matt Davis Loop for a total of about 7 or 8 miles (we forgot to turn our gps on) 

This trail is one of my favorites that we've done. It had beautiful views of the coast, huge redwood trees, lush woodlands and my favorite the 8ft ladder! 

 Our hike ended at Stinson Beach, it was a perfect place to grab some lunch and hang out for the rest of the day. 

 We decided to try out The Lunchbox. It was really good! Perfect after a good hike. I got a beef sandwich and Allen got the salmon po' boy. We split a brown sugar lemonade. 

 Stinson Beach is the widest/longest beach that we've seen in California it reminded us of the beaches back home. It was so nice to sit and relax after our hike. 

Los Gatos Creek Trail/ Davenport Beach

It is starting to feel a bit more like fall in California! I decided to take full advantage of the cooler weather and go for a long run.

I ended up getting 6 miles in at the Los Gatos Creek Trail. I love this bike path, the trails go on and on for miles and there's always something interesting going on. Friday someone nailed encouraging notes on the trees.

There was also a really random piano in the park, not sure why it was there but it was pretty neat! 

After my run I made some deep dish chocolate chip cookies stuffed with Ghirardelli caramels. These are my all time favorite cookies! I will be posting the recipe soon! 

Charlie had a really good Friday too! He got a haircut and doesn't look like a hippie dog anymore :) Ever since he got his haircut friday he's been prancing around the house acting all silly, I think he feels much better.

Friday night we headed to Davenport beach to have a bonfire. Bonfires are one of my absolute favorite things to do and having one at the beach was so much fun, we felt like we were in a movie! 

Poor Charlie was shivering all night from losing the 10 lb. coat of hair so we had to keep him cuddled up in a blanket. 

Ikeda Farm


We had such a nice laid back weekend, well for the most part, Sunday was a little crazy. 

Friday night we had our normal wine, cheese and movie date night...My favorite night:) I made a platter with salami, olive tapenade, warm crusty french bread and I made a garlicky Brie with sundried tomato dip, I'll do a post on the dip soon it was so delicious! 
Saturday we just moped around the house for most of the morning, I was having a really bad case of homesickness and being a grump. In the afternoon Allen dragged my grumpy butt up to the pool for some volleyball and swimming. In the evening we grilled some porkchops and walked charlie to the park to play. What started out as a not so good day turned into being so much fun. It's so hard traveling and being away from my family but having Allen with me to cheer me up when times get hard is such a blessing, I'm one lucky lady :) 

Sunday we decided to do some mountain biking. We left the always sunny and seventy five Bay Area and headed to Lake Tahoe ( an 8 hour drive roundtrip) the further and further we got away from home the cloudier and cloudier it got and then the rain started... And then as if the weather couldn't get any worse the smoke started. Just completely surrounded by smoke from the huge King fire. Needless to say, mountain biking did not happen that day.

But! On a positive note we did find the cutest little shop on the side of the highway called Ikedas. We stopped and got some fresh green chile and cheese tamales, these things were life changing! 

So.. long story short we drove 8 hours on Sunday for some Hot Tamales. You win some you lose some, although it sucked then I know for sure we'll look back and be like remember that time we drive 8 hours for Hot Tamales and we'll laugh about it :)

We'll be back next weekend for some mountain biking and Tahoe you better get your weather in gear! 

Camping Trip In Yosemite


I've said this a million times before but i'm going to say it again.. Yosemite is AMAZING. Absolutely breathtaking every. single. time. 

We had an absolute blast this weekend camping and hiking with some friends. 

We camped at Crane Flat Campground. It was an okay campground, definitely the loudest we've ever camped at. Lots of neighbors snoring, bear box lids slamming, and crying babies at 4am. The nice thing about it was that its only 30 minutes from the Valley so we didn't spend much time there anyways. Way too much exploring to do! 

Saturday we woke up bright and early and decided to tackle the Nevada/Vernal Falls trail. 

Theres a huge forest fire in Yosemite right now so the first couple of miles we really struggled, The smoke was burning our throats and made it really difficult to breathe. After about an hour of hiking the conditions got a lot better.

We were about half way through the trail and we passed a big group of Hot Shots hiking back from battling the fire. This was probably the highlight of our hike, it was so amazing to see them in action.

We ended up getting around 10 miles of hiking in for the day. 

The Vernal/Nevada Falls trail is one of my favorites in Yosemite. You get breathtaking views of the valley, you get to stand at the top of two ginormous waterfalls, and you get to see the pools at the bottom of the falls. Its also not as challenging elevation wise as some of the other trails we've done, so its a nice easy hike.

After hiking all day we came back to the campsite to cook up some dinner. We had grilled corn on the cob, hotdogs, pulled pork, pasta salad, chips, pretzels, celery and greek yogurt dip. It was all so delicious.

When we finished refueling we headed to Glacier Point to watch the sunset. It was about an hour drive from our campground but completely worth the long drive.

We hiked Glacier Point a couple of weeks ago and loved it but seeing it during sunset was just a completely different experience. 

Hiking Mission Peak


 We had a visitor this weekend! 
Meet Bruin :)

 Between trips to Vegas, Little Lakes Valley, Yosemite, being busy with work and all kinds of other things we've had no time to just relax and enjoy time at home. This weekend of doing absolutely nothing was much needed. 

 We had a fun early morning hike to the top of Mission Peak on Sunday morning.

The hike to the top of Mission Peak is almost six miles and a pretty steep hill so we had some tired puppies by the end of the morning.

 The rest of the day was spent doing LOTS of napping.

 Bruin and Charlie had so much fun playing together all weekend, i'm secretly hoping our friend goes out of town soon so that we can baby-sit again :)

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