Blue Apron Meal #2


Something really crazy happened last night.. Allen cooked dinner. 

We went on a 3 mile run and when we got back I started to get everything ready to start cooking and Allen came in, kicked me out of the kitchen and told me to shower.. maybe I smelled bad? I don't know..I didn't ask questions, getting a night off from cooking dinner was amazing!

We decided to try our second Blue Apron meal which was rice and beef stuffed poblano peppers.

While Allen was fixing us dinner I figured I would be productive too.. so I cleaned the house and folded the laundry... Just kidding I poured myself an Ace hard cider, blogged, and got kicked out of the kitchen 3 times for taking too many pictures :)

Anyways back to the stuffed peppers, We absolutely loved them. They had such a great flavor. 

Allen thought they were really easy to prepare, Blue Apron has the best recipes. Each step is thoroughly explained with pictures, pretty hard to mess it up!

And then something else really crazy happened... An F5 tornado went through our kitchen.

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