Blue Apron Meal #1


Last night we tried our first Blue Apron meal!

Blue Apron is a food delivery service, you get a box once a week with pre portioned ingredients and a recipe for three meals. 

In our box for this week we got the ingredients and recipe for rice and beef stuffed poblano peppers, chicken sate, and summer sauté.

Last night we decided to try the summer sauté... Allen would not be a happy camper with just veggies and grains for dinner so I picked up some meatballs at Trader Joes to go with his meal.

  • Getting a box full of fresh ingredients delivered right to your door is insanely convenient 
  • Its a good way to try new things.. I am now in LOVE with fregola sarda & buffalo mozzarella 
  • All of the meals are 500-700 calories
  • Most of the meals take less than 35 minutes to prepare
  • You can skip a week if you don't like whats on the menu or are too busy to mess with it
  • You can customize your menu.. like if you are a vegetarian etc.

And for now no cons! Our meal wasn't exactly my favorite I thought it was a little bland but it was okay. I'm really excited to try the other two recipes, I'll keep ya posted on how it goes!

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