Giants Game!


 Monday we went to the Giants game with some friends, it was a blast! They played the Rockies..and lost unfortunately but it was a really good game.  

At&t park is always so much fun, it sits right on the bay in San Francisco and has the most amazing views.

I of course have more fun eating than I do watching the game. I had the ballpark punch, sweet potato fries and ice-cream in a giants helmet!

Our Weekend in Inyo National Forest


This past weekend we headed to Inyo forest for a camping trip. It's about a five hour drive from the Bay Area, so it was a bit far but definitely worth the long drive. We feel so so so extremely lucky to have the opportunity to live in California. It's been such an amazing experience.

We camped at East Fork campground, It was huge! There is over 100 different sites to pick from. Our campsite (#51) was really secluded and close to the (clean) bathrooms so that's always a plus. 

The best part about our weekend was that it was a dog friendly campground and the trail that we hiked was also dog friendly, which is unheard of in California! Charlie was so excited to go hiking and spend the weekend outdoors with us.

Of course we had lots of yummy camping food all weekend... Breakfast burritos, cinnamon rolls, spicy brats, smores, filet mignon, pasta salad, and my favorite.. Brie fondue with warm french baguette.

The campsite is nowhere near any kind of civilization so it was perfect for star gazing. We even got to see 3 shooting stars! It was so beautiful.

Saturday morning we woke up early and hiked the Little Lakes Valley Trail. The trail was 10 miles with an elevation of 10,000 feet so it was quite the workout!

We passed by four different lakes on the hike, each one more beautiful than the last. 

The water was FREEZING. Allen jumped in and swam around for a bit... By himself, it was way too cold for me.

The hike was breathtaking, we felt like we were in a movie... And being at such a high elevation literally takes your breath away ha!

After the long hike we rewarded ourselves with lots of hippie juice and a nice long nap in the tent. 

Palo Alto/ Boulder Creek


What a busy busy weekend! Friday night we laid low and watched a red box movie and snacked on some cheese and wine. Relaxing laid back nights are my favorite!

Saturday we headed to Palo Alto for the night. We started at Nola for dinner and drinks, Such a cute restaurant! It has three different floors with a huge patio in the middle so it has such a nice open feel. It has a New Orleans theme so there were beads everywhere and lots of fun funky decorations. 

We started with the blackberry lemonade and Dirty Fries for an appetizer, they were sooo amazing. 
We probably should have stopped after the fries but we kept going with jambalaya and a buffalo chicken sandwich. It was way too much food. 

 For dessert we walked to The Cheesecake Factory and had apple streusel cheesecake and s'mores cheesecake. After dessert we were in a complete food coma and went home to pass out for the night.

Sunday we took the top off the Jeep and drove to Boulder Creek to explore for a bit. It was such a beautiful sunny day!

We stopped by Boulder Creek Brewery to grab some burgers and a beer.

 Best burgers we've had in California for sure! We love coming here for the great service and laid back atmosphere (and obviously the amazing food)

 After going into food coma #2 of the weekend we met some friends at our pool to relax and play volleyball.

Blue Apron #3


 We finally got around to making our last Blue Apron meal! Chicken Sate with peanut sauce & marinated green tomatoes. 

Verdict: ehhhh it was okay. I really really wanted to love Blue Apron but we just really weren't too impressed. The meals were a little bland for us, but we also love big bold flavors so maybe thats why. We did however LOVE the rice & beef stuffed poblano peppers, we will definitely be making those again. 

Our favorite part of the meal was the green tomato salad.

Overall I think Blue Apron is a great concept and it was fun trying out something new. 

Glacier Point


Sunday we woke up bright and early and hit the road for Yosemite!

Yosemite is seriously the most beautiful place you could ever think of, it never ceases to amaze me. We've been here maybe 4 or 5 times since we've lived in California and it never gets old, theres always something new and beautiful to explore. 

This trip we decided to do the Four Mile Trail  Don't be fooled by the name, this hike is NOT four miles at all.. ( who came up with that name!?! ) its actually almost 10 miles round trip (9.4) with an elevation change of 3,200 feet. 

We loved this hike, it offered absolutely breathtaking views of Yosemite. 

I hit my breaking point at about mile 2. My breaking point as in my "I need food point" 

We found an a really pretty spot to stop and eat. We quickly scarfed down our chicken caesar wraps and then hit the road for another 2.7 miles to the top.

 We took a break at the top to enjoy the impressive views and eat some strawberry shortcake ice cream :) ....How cool is it that there's ice-cream at the top!

The hike ended up taking a little bit less than five hours and we were pooped by the end but it was so worth it!

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