Wine Tasting in Napa


Soooo I guess since we spent the weekend in Napa I should also talk about the wineries we went to and not just the food! It being our first time there we decided to stick to the well known touristy wineries to start with and then next time we go we'll check out the smaller places.

We took the "new" highway 29 and stopped at the wineries along this way. Theres also the Silverado trail which we took on the way home but didn't stop at any wineries, this way is most definitely the scenic route and next time we go we want to check out the wineries it offers.


 Stop 1: Beringer 

Our first stop just so happened to end up being our favorite winery of the day. The mansion was so gorgeous. We took the 30 minute tour which included three tastings and I believe it was $25. Our tour guide was so darn sweet and the tour was so informational + we got to see the underground caves where they keep the wine, so neat! 


Stop 2: Castello Di Amaroso

This winery was our least favorite stop. This is the "castle" winery. We did not do our homework very well, by the looks of the winery you would think it has a lot of history.. nope it was opened in 2007 so that was a little dissapointing.  We paid $15 for the self guided tour and it included five tastings (we were only given 4 for some reason? ) definitely worth a drive by but the tour wasn't impressive. 

Stop 3: Sterling 

We really enjoyed this winery. You get to take a tram to the top of the hill where the winery sits and the views are incredible! During our tasting we had the pleasure of chatting with the nicest old man who worked there named Cliff, he was so knowledgeable and so passionate about the winery. We got to learn a lot about the process of wine making and see behind the scenes, this was also another self guided tour with wine tasting stops along the way. 

Loved seeing all the organic farms! The picture on the right is baby grapes!

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