San Francisco/ Yosemite


Where did June go!? I cannot believe its already July and I can't get over how fast this weekend went. Why is it that fun weekends fly by and then a boring work week drags on for decades, its really not fair!
We had the absolute busiest weekend. Thursday we picked up A's family from the airport, Friday drove 10 hours roundtrip to see Yosemite, Saturday I ran 5 miles and prepared food for our cookout while A and his family drove to Big Sur for the day, Sunday we spent the day in San Francisco and Monday we had a much needed pool day with chinese delivery for dinner.

Yosemite is so amazing! We loved it so much were planning on going back again this weekend for a long hike.

I love having family and friends come visit us it feels like a vacation even though were still at home and it was so nice to get to spend time with A's family.

Charlie was so excited to spend the day with us swimming at the pool!
I'm really excited to have a few normal days to work out, rest up, and eat healthy before we stuff ourselves with hotdogs for the Fourth Of July.

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