Fourth of July Weekend


Fourth of July has come and gone and I'm left with an extra five pounds (too much dessert, burgers, drinks, you name it I ate it) a messy house, a sunburn, swollen bruised ankle (fatal trip on Charlie's dog bone) swollen eye lid (swimming with contacts) and most importantly a million great memories!
We had a pool day all day on the fourth and grilled out for lunch then decided to take the ferry ( so neat!) to San Francisco for the fireworks at night. It was freeeeeeezing in San Francisco! Everyone was in their hats, scarves and winter jackets.. Definetly not what you picture for the Fourth of July celebration but regardless of the weather we had a good time.
I made some cute little mason jar desserts for us to snack on all weekend. I mixed up some greek yogurt cheesecake filling and layered it with blueberries, strawberries, and pound cake. So yummy!
We had such a good time on the fourth in San Francisco that we headed back the very next day to explore the city some more. This time we decided to take our bikes. We had such a great time biking is most definetly the easiest way to get around in the city, it was so nice not having to deal with traffic and parking. 
We stopped at the palace of fine arts to eat our desserts and take a break from biking, such a pretty place hidden right in the middle of the city!

Sunday we were both exhausted and decided we needed one more relaxing pool day before having to go back to the normal week!

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  1. You both take really great pictures! Give A some credit!!!!


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