California Bucket List


Holy cow! I can't believe we've lived in California for almost a year! I'm crossing my fingers that we get to stay here for at least another 4 or 5 months. Allen and I are absolutely positively loving it here and thinking about moving is starting to make me sad. I made a California bucket list when we first moved here and so far we've done a really good job of exploring but there's still so many things left to see before we move! 

  Things To See!

Sutro baths/ lands end
Eat chowder in a bread bowl
Seward street slide
Alcatraz night tour 
16th avenue street steps
Winchester mystery house
Surf lesson for Allen
Take a picture with the Google sign
Ride the cable cars
Speak easy 
Point Reyes

Santa Cruz Boardwalk ✔️
Fisherman's Wharf ✔️
Lombard Street ✔️
Cannery row in monterey ✔️
Santa Monica ✔️
Ferry Building ✔️
( ps! click on the things we've done to read more )

Its so hard to find things to do without knowing any locals to ask, yelp and google searches have been amazing!  Is there anything you think I'm missing out on?



  1. Can't wait to see Mount Whitney on the "Done!" list!! ;)

  2. What an awesome bucket list!! I might borrow a few of yours, too! I'm so glad you left a comment on my blog so I could discover yours! It seems we have a lot in common :) excited to follow along as you check off items on your CA Bucket List!

  3. Just found your blog and can't wait to catch up on it. I am also from Ohio, we live in Zanesville (: not too far from Columbus!

  4. Hi Brittany!
    Thanks for reading! I'm actually from Newark so Zanesville is really close! I'll have to catch up on your blog too :)


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