California Bucket List


Holy cow! I can't believe we've lived in California for almost a year! I'm crossing my fingers that we get to stay here for at least another 4 or 5 months. Allen and I are absolutely positively loving it here and thinking about moving is starting to make me sad. I made a California bucket list when we first moved here and so far we've done a really good job of exploring but there's still so many things left to see before we move! 

  Things To See!

Sutro baths/ lands end
Eat chowder in a bread bowl
Seward street slide
Alcatraz night tour 
16th avenue street steps
Winchester mystery house
Surf lesson for Allen
Take a picture with the Google sign
Ride the cable cars
Speak easy 
Point Reyes

Santa Cruz Boardwalk ✔️
Fisherman's Wharf ✔️
Lombard Street ✔️
Cannery row in monterey ✔️
Santa Monica ✔️
Ferry Building ✔️
( ps! click on the things we've done to read more )

Its so hard to find things to do without knowing any locals to ask, yelp and google searches have been amazing!  Is there anything you think I'm missing out on?


Friday Flowers


I know i'm two days late, but I can't resist showing off these B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L flowers A got me on Friday!

Gray Whale Cove


 This is Gray Whale Cove! About an hour or two (with the crazy traffic) from where we live. Absolutely beautiful here, but freezing! I wore jeans a sweatshirt and a winter jacket and was shivering!

Can you believe we've lived in California for seven months and this is the first time we've watched the sunset at the beach!? 
Charlie is adapting well to the California lifestyle, he loves the beach.

                                              Just holding the sun up.. no big deal!

 We decided we need to take advantage of living so close to such a beautiful place and try and go at least a couple of times a month!

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The Next Monet?


Last night we went to a painting class!

I've always wanted to try a painting class before and with a little (or a lot) of begging and promises of happy hour drinks A agreed to join me!

He's a happy camper!

We went to happy hour at Il Fornio and the class was held next door at the Sainte Claire Hotel. Jennifer from Art Social taught the class, she was so helpful and nice!


Definetly the most unique/fun date we've had in awhile!


Wastahi Campground in Big Basin State Park

A and I have both been itching to go camping for awhile so this weekend we packed up our gear for the night and headed to the redwoods! We got extremely lucky and got a last minute reservation at the Wastahi campground in Big Basin state park, we had camp site #97 which is referred to as the "honeymoon suite" it's at the very top of the hill so it's extremely private. Perfect for our little getaway.

We had such a fun time playing games, cooking over the campfire and enjoying each other's company. 

Reese cup smores for desert!

Hot chocolate with Baileys and cinnamon rolls for breakfast.

Cheers to an amazing camping trip! 

My Story

Hi everyone! My first blog post yay! I am so excited to begin blogging, i've always admired and followed other blogs and I started thinking about how exciting it would be to have my very own blog, soooo here I am!

I'll fill you in on a little bit about myself, first things first my name is Kelsie. I was born and raised in Columbus Ohio. I have the greatest most supportive family/friends I could ever ask for. I love trying new recipes and really anything to do with food makes me happy. I also love all things active like lifting, hiking, running, and yoga. I've ran one half marathon, and one full marathon and hope to start training for another here soon!

I am soon to be married ( June 2015) to my wonderful fiancé Allen (he's from Georgia) whom I met in Ohio while waitressing (he was on his lunch break, I thought he was so cute) he popped the question in Nashville Tennessee and we are tying the knot in Outerbanks, North Carolina. His career keeps him busy traveling across the country every 6 months or so depending on the project he's working on. We lived in Columbus Ohio then Nashville Tennessee and now we are in the  B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L state of California. Am I confusing you yet?

Oh and this is my favorite little guy, Charlie. 

I can't wait to share more of my blissful adventures with you, Thanks for reading

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